Toasted Sweet Potato Cake

Toasted Sweet Potato Cake with Southern Pecan Filling

So, a blonde from Texas and a brunette from Jersey walk into a “Meet ‘n’ Greet” Picnic. Seven years go by. Seven years chock-a-block full of medical residencies, military deployments, babies, dogs, martinis, and drama that would make a Kardashian blush. Through all of this, neither distance, time, nor my tendency to get us hopelessly lost has prevented our regular discussions and evaluations of Damn Near Everything. On a recent visit, as she and I had lunch, there’s a good chance that someone sitting at a nearby table carefully eavesdropping (or not – let’s be honest, neither one of us is exactly soft-spoken) would have overheard,

Jersey: “What the hell is a “Snicklefritz?”

Texas: “You know…it’s a…it’s a Snicklefritz…like…a Stinker…or a Gunzel.”

Jersey: “Use it in a sentence”

Texas:…..”He’s a mischievous little Snicklefritz”

Jersey: “Oh….a Scutchadi”

Texas: “Gesundheit.”

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The Henchman

The Henchman Cocktail


Cocktail crafting is like Vegas.

The Deal:
White whiskey. Madeira. Smoky scotch rinse on the glass that you’ve been wanting to try ever since you read about it here. Molasses?


Beer? Beer foam?? Beer foam made with a French press???


Hit me:
A name?…hmmm… “Sweaty Viking”?


“Spare the Rod”?


“Fish Tank Castle”? “Morte D’Arthur”?

Stop it.

“The Henchman”?

The Henchman!

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Eager Robin Cocktail

The Eager Robin Cocktail

Spring has sent forth her messengers and minions to chase away winter’s bluster. Squirrels and rabbits frolic. Birds sing from the eaves while fat bumblebees hover like small helicopters. The animal kingdom is alive with the sounds of March…

…and Charlie is having none of it.

Charlie in the park

Make no mistake. She doesn’t care what you’re selling; you’re not gaining entry into her backyard, her patch of sunlight, her warm breeze.

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