Bitters Truffles

Bitter Bon Bons

The experiment was basic, the method rather delicious and the results – we are probably going to need to gather more data.

If you’ve scanned the drink menu at almost any watering hole lately, peered through a book of cocktails or perused any of the many sites devoted to drink, you have probably run across “bitters”.  With a historical origin in medicine, “bitters” is a term that was applied to a number of herbal ingredients infused into gin or other alcohols. Now the appellation covers the wide scope of little funny bottles you will find among the more recognizable hooch at bars everywhere.

Furthermore, their applications do not end with making your Manhattan more memorable. A few squirts here or a dropper there can add a whole new dimension to any number of recipes – thus, our “experiment”.

Chocolate and Bitters

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Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp & Roasted Serrano Grits

Last week Conde Nast put out a list of the ten friendliest cities in the world. Charleston was #4 and one of only two US cities to make the list, the other being Savannah, GA (#9, incidentally).

Since Mark and I moved to this little peninsular corner of South Carolina two months ago, one thing has become abundantly clear: hospitality has a capital “H” in Charleston. It is not a PR byword or a hashtag – it is a religion. Everyone, from the cashiers in the grocery stores to the highly-skilled bartenders to the proprietor of a bed and breakfast who actually spent part of her afternoon trying to help us find a house, has been eager to go above and beyond. It all seems to boil down to one thing: Charlestonians adore their city. They know what she has to offer, and they are yearning to share it with you.


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