Smoked Vegetable Stock

Smoked Vegetable Stock

There are few things in the kitchen that you can get more mileage out of than a good stock or broth. Stocks are such a foundational element in so many recipes that they are often taken for granted, their endless variety and possibility ignored.

Bowl of Vegetables

But starting a soup, sauce or casserole with a well-made stock or broth can completely transform the dish, adding depth and variety and, most importantly, making even the most last-minute entrée taste like you stood over it for hours. Continue reading…

Devil's Chocolate Rum Cake Cut

Devil’s Chocolate Rum Cake with Browned-Butter Buttercream

There was cake.  On the ceiling.

I was going to write a post about how baking a cake is really simply about following directions. I even had a great little video from when Mark went powered-paragliding last Fall to illustrate my point (in the video this girl decides against following the directions of the instructor to run as soon as her feet hit ground, and opts for the sit-on-butt approach, much to the chagrin of said instructor and hilarity of the rest of us).

Landing 001 (1) from Pickled Capers on Vimeo.

So…yeah….you just follow one direction after another and easy-peasy, you have cake.

I bet you can’t EVEN see where this is going, right?

Cake Batter Pans Continue reading…

Tinderbox Cocktail

The Tinderbox Cocktail

Admit it…..we’re all more or less suckers for pomp and circumstance when it comes to cocktails. Between little plastic mermaids, mustachioed glass markers, and hollowed-out coconuts with loopy straws, the modern cocktail never has to go unaccessorized. No trip to the beach is complete without little umbrellas in happy colors and a night in the city requires the twisted bamboo swizzle.

The trump, though, is flair that not only ups the ante aesthetically, but brings with it a new flavor component.

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