Eager Robin Cocktail

The Eager Robin Cocktail

Spring has sent forth her messengers and minions to chase away winter’s bluster. Squirrels and rabbits frolic. Birds sing from the eaves while fat bumblebees hover like small helicopters. The animal kingdom is alive with the sounds of March…

…and Charlie is having none of it.

Charlie in the park

Make no mistake. She doesn’t care what you’re selling; you’re not gaining entry into her backyard, her patch of sunlight, her warm breeze.

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Mississippi Po'Boy

Mississippi Roast Beef Po’Boys

It was a morning roughly eight years ago on my commute to work, early sunshine glinting off the Dallas skyline, that Mark called me with the news. Circumstances had changed and matters had been juggled. We would not be moving to San Antonio as expected. He was to be stationed in the fairly recently Katrina-ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast town of Biloxi.

Having never visited this part of the country before I had little idea what to expect, but reactions to our news varied from cooing over the stately beauty of the land & houses to raised eyebrows & low-whistles. Yet, nothing anyone said was sufficient to prepare us.

In early 2007, Biloxi, MS and her neighboring communities were still fighting a desperate battle for recovery. As we drove along the coastline for the first time we saw sprawling concrete slabs – the only evidence left of the beautiful historic homes we had heard so much about. Sun-bleached skeletons of buildings stood on their spindly legs. Forgotten clothing still hung in the trees.

Not easily deterred, we started our hunt for a place to call home. The list of available rental properties was woefully short. The first place we visited had half a fence and an overturned crushed hot tub laying in the backyard. They were asking almost double what we were paying for our Dallas apartment. We drove on in stunned silence. Mark finally gave a nervous laugh and said “I keep waiting for us to get to the place that is going to make all of this okay.”

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Pit & Pith

The Pit & Pith Cocktail


Not since the Brits put together the words “spotted” and “dick” to describe sponge cake has a term caused so much confusion and misinterpretation. Jot down “maraschino” and nine out of ten readers are going to spoon the syrup out of a small jar of candied cherries. Many of the remaining few will reach for a bottle of cherry heering.


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