Chicken Fajita Tacos with Cucumber Salsa

Chicken Fajita Tacos with Cucumber, Chipotle & Tangerine Salsa

Do you know the duck-billed platypus – mother nature’s junk drawer of leftover pieces thrown together in order to defy classification? That’s sort of what’s going on here today. We’ve got a topping….or a dip…..or maybe a side dish? It’s crunchy cucumbers and red onion marinated in tangy apple cider vinegar and Mexican oregano accompanied by spicy, smoky chipotles and sweet tangerines.

It was born of a conversation over morning coffee that went something like:

Mark: I think I’ll grill some chicken fajitas tonight.

Sarah: Great!

Mark: You should come up with a really fresh, bright salsa or salad or something to put on top of it. Something with, say, cucumbers.

Sarah: Ooooh, or maybe a lot of lime!

Mark: Or cucumbers.

Sarah: Or I could do something with jicama.

Mark: Or maybe cucumbers.

Sarah: …..

Mark: And maybe kale!

Sarah: You are clearly drunk. Go to work.

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Baubles Mix

Baubles Party Mix

It is a truth that should be well known that when it comes to bowling; style > talent. It’s not an activity I attempt very often, but when I do, it’s quite the spectacle – or so I’ve been told.

According to witnesses (at least once they’ve stopped laughing) my style resembles nothing so much as Velma from Scooby Doo. Scuttling my little feet up to the line, I come to a complete & abrupt stop and then hurl the bowling ball down the lane. Sometimes some pins fall, sometimes they don’t – but there’s always applause.

Party food can be a little more demanding. If the occasion calls for anything fancier than jeans and team jerseys, the hors d’oeuvres you serve are going to have to boast both style and flavor.

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Texas Macarons w:Pecan Caramel

Texas Macarons with Spicy Pecan & Whiskey Caramel

I have always considered it as the clearest evidence of Mark’s love for me that when I warble along with the car radio, he somehow refrains from pulling over and pushing me out the passenger door. I fare no better on musical instruments – at least that is the conclusion I reached from the sudden disappearance of my Smurf drum set shortly after Christmas 1987.

Thus my ode to my beloved Texas will not be of the musical variety (though YOU might find yourself singing after a bite of these).

Texas Macarons with Pecan Caramel

With their grace, beauty, and air of mythos, there is no better confection to capture the spirit of the Lone Star State than the macaron – at least once we scuffed up the edges a bit.

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