Pit & Pith

The Pit & Pith Cocktail


Not since the Brits put together the words “spotted” and “dick” to describe sponge cake has a term caused so much confusion and misinterpretation. Jot down “maraschino” and nine out of ten readers are going to spoon the syrup out of a small jar of candied cherries. Many of the remaining few will reach for a bottle of cherry heering.


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Red Wine Bark

Red Wine Bark

Things I wish I’d figured out long ago:

…That the silver backed tape used to fix everything is named for pipes, not for water fowl.

…That there are tabs on either end of a box of plastic wrap designed specifically to hold that godforsaken roll in place.

…That the final exam in my undergraduate Classics course was scheduled for Tuesday, not for Wednesday.

…That, if done correctly, ribbons of bold, red wine CAN be swirled directly into chocolate.

Swirling Wine Bark

And if double chocolate bark marbled with wine is your kind of thing, you are going to want to pay close attention to the correct method, lest you end up with clumpy, clotted lumps of chocolate mess. As to the “why”, I shall turn this over to my scientific half, otherwise known as Mark:

“…Chocolate is a dispersion of cocoa solids and sugar in a pool of cocoa butter with a small amount of lecithin to keep the hydrophilic sugar suspended in the hydrophilic fat. Small amounts of water (even from steam) can cause these sugar granules to readily agglomerate which makes the once smooth emulsion a grainy mess (good for ganache, bad for tempered chocolate) – an occurrence colloquially termed ‘seizing’. There is no turning back from this point, though you can add tablespoons of water to make it ‘smooth’ again as in inverted emulsion (now fat suspended in sugar water instead of sugar suspended in fat), but it will not make bark…” 

(As you can see, I don’t drive around with a “Talk Nerdy To Me” sticker on my truck for nothing.)

Wine Bark

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Super Bowl Cocktails

Super Bowl: Booze Edition

Over the past few weeks I have been nursing this particular sore spot..

Ref intercepting Dez

And had just about decided to put the kibash on all things Super Bowl in this house.

However! My dear friend, Audrey, and her partner in crime, Cassie, have started up a sports fan blog called WatchLikeAGirl.com, and she asked if Mark and I could craft a couple themed cocktails.

So for her, and all of the rest of you who aren’t petulantly kicking rocks, here’s a couple drinks for your party’s this weekend…

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