Pear Pudding Cake Galore

Pear Pudding Cake

During the time that Mark was deployed to Afghanistan I started the habit of putting baked goods away in the freezer. It was a coping mechanism for my hips to deal with my own coping mechanism of evenings with an oven mitt on one hand and a glass of wine in the other. This method kept me from chain-eating the lemon bars and oatmeal cookies that came out of my kitchen each night, and even when he got back I kept the practice up, because it turned out to be highly effective.

That is, of course, unless you are a red-blooded American male who doesn’t let things like sub-zero internal temps and the probability of a broken jaw come between you and a chocolate cupcake. For Mark, the freezer is not a deterrent – it’s a giant rectangular cookie jar – a jar that, in his logic, makes the cookies something akin to ice cream.

So I should not have been surprised when I found him in the kitchen last week using a large knife to excavate a container of frozen Pear Pudding Cake. In response to my look of incredulity, he asked “Wha??” around a mouthful of frigid, rock-hard pear and pastry. Continue reading…

Dueling Nachos

Smoked Pork Nachos

When you’ve been married to someone for a over a decade, it is always a little surprising to learn something new and unexpected about them. Like how they can be so utterly wrong about what makes the best nachos.

After years of sharing various versions of cheese-topped tostadas, I found out that – contrary to the well-established knowledge that the best nachos are those with bubbly, melty strands of cheddar - my own husband prefers cheese sauce. So after an in-depth discussion on the subject, an upturned table or two, and a four-month separation, Mark and I decided to reconcile our differences based on the results of the Sudden Death Nacho Standoff of 2014. Continue reading…

Sour Brew Margarita

The Sour Brew Margarita

In December of last year we found out we were bound for Charleston, SC. It was at some point amidst March that we began planning the move, and then in June we decided that putting a cover on my truck for the cross-country haul would be a grand idea.

I had no idea how much raw, unadulterated sex appeal that a used aluminum camper shell would bring to my beloved, little blue Ford Ranger. In fact, I couldn’t quite handle it. Once the move was done, it would have to go.

Sexy Truck

Unfortunately, that didn’t quite happen. First, there was a trip to Ikea, then a delay in furniture delivery, followed by some nonsense about picking up a couch. One thing inevitably led to another, and none of it led to getting rid of the damn thing.

So we still had it when we took a trip up to Asheville, NC a couple weeks ago. We still had it when we pulled up to the stately mansion-turned-B&B we were staying in, and we still had it when we dressed to the nines to go out for a (much-belated) anniversary dinner that night.

Continue reading…